Presenting A New Open Source And 100% Linux-Dedicated Gaming OS!!

Isn’t this a universal truth that Microsoft has indeed been the “winner” since like always? Isn’t it the only good operating system that we’ve always known?! Apple has still been known to promote gaming potential to some extent, however, an unpopular OS like Linux has hardly been known for gaming.

Seemingly, Linux is rather preferrable by the programmers as it gives a variety of applications useful for programming with the Linux terminal superior to Windows.

Changes Undertaken By Linux

Linux has been undergoing several changes in its graphics driver support and is also coming up with new games in an effort to give the operating system some gaming potential. Similarly, GamePad, a new digital distribution system was seen on the Kickstarter website with a crowdfunding campaign. It aims at creating a gaming platform for Linux, similar to Steam in Windows. It further is DRM free, open, and respects privacy of the user, further fulfilling the needs and desires of the Linux community!

Role Played By GamePad

  • GamePad is not here as a competitor to Steam or any other gaming platforms. Instead, GamePad acts as a bridge between game developers and the users, bringing out the not-so-known OS.
  •  Support for Linux is included as an option, since mostly users are aware of Windows as OS only.
  • The bugs and hangs following a Linux user who’s striving hard for a Windows game usually causes helplessness, making the user switch over to Windows in order to play compatible games.
  • GamePad aims to include only those games where an actual person is playing them instead of algorithms figuring out the compatibility.
  • GamePad allows full-proof accessibility where the developers decide to have the source code for the client and the supporting libraries be released under a FOSS license, and be an open API too.
  • GamePad also provides a patch for the platform to integrate with other gaming platforms.
  •  A user can also launch GamePad through WINE or the Flatpak package manager.

Final Words

Well, well, this project is yet an enigma cause it’s still in the process of making with the tentative worldwide availability in around February of 2022. The in-process campaign would be lasting until March of 2020. This opens it to exhibition of the GamePad project, just don’t forget to contribute to the funding of the campaign!

Let’s all just pray and hope that the next biggest thing happening to Linux is soon to be seen on the gaming front!

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