Here’s To The Intriguing Features Of Android 11!

Does it even matter that some phones don’t have android 10 even when android 11 is already here?! Well, this indeed seems like the most bizarre thing because the preview of the upcoming android 11 is here.

What Are The New Features Of Android 11?

1. App Permisions

With Android 11, an app gets a better permission to access necessary function of the device. Also, an option for temporary permission will be added so that non-trustworthy apps wouldn’t be able to access your camera, location, etc., not even once. This ensures a safer Android.

2. Conversations

Well, Facebook’s chat head option that was known as ‘Bubbles’ will be a part of Android 11. The new UI feature permits sms and other texting app to keep certain conversations visible via a floating bubble. This new version might be a boon for apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

3. Connectivity

The integration of 5G will be better in here than already present in Android 10. The new OS will bring renewed connectivity APIs that will allow developers to further guarantee improved speed and consistency that 5G offers. So if the connection is unmetered, and if it is, then the app can offer higher-res or quality, prone to data loss very speedily.

4. Screen Recording

The new android is sure to embrace the native screen recording functionality like Google, that will finally support it. It has a fancy UI which adds to the feature.

5. Support For More Screen Types

There are punch-hole, pinhole, and waterfall screens that weren’t available in Android 10. However, the new android will support such screens. This means that apps can now manage the said screens  using the existing display cutout APIs. The best part that any app can use the entire waterfall screen including the edges.

A Brief Conclusion On Android 11

Well, the upgraded version, Android 11 is right here at our very own doorsteps. The upgradation and features are mind-boggling. We just can’t wait to buy new phones now, can we?!

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